About EASE

What is EASE?

EASE is a virtual reality app that takes meditation to the next level. Through guided meditation, calming experiences and a variety of settings, you can calm your mind with EASE.


Meditation is an increasingly popular way to relax and improve yourself. Relieving stress, lowering blood pressure and increasing emotional well-being are just a few of the positive impacts meditation can have on your life. By using EASE, you will be able to master this practice at any time, in any place with our meditation learning track.

Virtual Reality allows the user to transport to any calming environment they wish. The convenience of a headset can take the user to faraway beaches or deep forests, away from distractions, within the comfort of their home or office.

Meditation is an intimidating practice, but EASE seeks to make meditation a breeze. Unsupervised and untrained meditation can actually be damaging to the psych, and EASE will dispel this problem. Through guided sessions and rewarded progress, you will become a professional meditator in no time.